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We are value both people & planet

Our journey to founding Pachee stemed from becoming a family and wanting more from the product market but also from our love to travel. Meeting people all over the world widens your appreciation for our planet and all who live on it. 

Whilst at the London college of fashion, in 2014 I took part in the march across London with fashion revolution. Screaming 'who made your clothes?' 

This is why being clear about ' who made our products' was paramount.

Manufacturing in Asia

We spent 8 months travelling around south east Asia. We fell in love with it. When it came to finding a manufacturer for our Beltbackpack we were adamant to find a partner anywhere else but there.   

Because of the stigmas around manufacturing in China ( specifiaclly) we started in the UK. After months of hunting, prototypos and finding that most UK bag manufacturers were outsourcing anyway, we fell back to square one. We then remembered our days in Asia, remembered the people, how they lived and the jobs they had. The fact was that hard labour, farming and manufacturing made up a large percentage on employment industries for these countries. We then made it our mission to find the most transparent and trusted partner we could find. We went through 3 different companies, 4 different samples and interviewed 3 different production managers to find the right one. 

I am proud to say our partners  

pride themselves on living wages, BSCI certification, staff retention and using sustainable materials. Their efforts towards the impact of our planet include

their carbon footprint and water usage. You can also find a full sustaibility report with our patch partner on their website.

If you have any further questions please reach out.

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