Patch Application


Firstly we are so happy that you have invested in our patches. We have provided two ways of application:

Iron on

Every patch (unless stated otherwise) has an iron on glue embedded on the back. This means you can apply the patch using either a heat press or a household iron.  This should be done by an adult. You will need a clean cloth (heat safe fabric i.e. cotton) to place on top of the patch as a protective layer between the iron and the patch. 

Applying the patch can be a fun experience for kids and adults. Please however bear in mind that using a hot iron can be dangerous. We therefore do not recommend that children apply the patches themselves. Please see below for our suggestion on how both children and adults can get involved in the application process. 


- Prepare your bag and think carefully about where you want to place your patch and tell the adult applying the patch.


- Prepare the iron. Ensure children are at a safe distance from the iron

- Set the iron to NO STEAM and high temperature

- Place the cloth on top of the patch, iron over the cloth where the patch is positioned and slowly move the iron around covering all parts of the patch

- Then hold the iron on for approx 30 seconds to 1 minute

- Lift the iron up. If you find more heat is required then place the iron back on for another 20 seconds

- Allow to cool before touching the patch so the glue has time to set


- Take your bag wherever you go and show your patches to your friends. #BeproudwithPachee

Sew on

We recommend doing a running stitch for a more permanent and secure finish especially if you wish to wash the bag or clothing. 

​Trick alerts

​If the patch is warm but has not entirely stuck on, use your finger to gently push the edges down as the glue may still be warm and activated. Allow it to cool for 1 minute. If you need to reapply heat then go back and follow the steps above.