Giving kids a sense of pride

Pachee was founded by my husband and I, in 2017 whilst pregnant with our son. Having parenting on our minds constantly, We noticed children swapping hobbies and outdoor play for screen time. 

In fear that our son's generation would start to lose their imagination, we decided to rekindle ‘ good old childhood fun’. 

Having a background in both Fashion and business, combined with a passion for travel we put our heads together to find a solution.

We designed our first set of patches and backpack to become a series of collectable items which will become a part of a child's personality, achievements and most importantly their memories. 

Today Pachee has won 4 awards including gold for the junior design awards and has been raved about in national newspapers. 

Pachee brings parents a sense of nostalgia and children a sense of pride. With a strong sustainable ethos we are changing the way people shop for children, providing products with purpose